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29th June 2007 - PORTAL

I'm building up a new portal for my software and related applications. It's not finished but you can register and start sending me some feedback about malfunctions.
You can find it HERE. Thank you.

26th March 2007 - DAudioK 0.1.9beta

DTS Files can be used as source files.

Stereo to 5.1UpMix
WMA encoding.

Here's my latest application... DAudioK. This software's purpose is the audio files conversion and encoding

At this point you can convert (and resample) between MP3, AC3, MP2,WAV,WMA and AAC formats. You can also use Real Media files, AviSynth scripts and DTS as source files for conversions. Read more about it here >>

Since version 0.1.3, you can set the TAGS for the output file. Just change the proper fields before pushing the “Convert” button.

Read the full change log here >>


24 March 2006 - SynthEditor 0.1.1beta

Now you can edit AVI files (with WAV Audio format) and you can use QuEnc to encode video.
Some more bugs have been fixed.
You can read the full changelog here >>


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